Flemingdon Park Ministry

A grassroots organization with the mission of rendering a more advantageous Flemingdon Park community.

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Our Mission

Flemingdon Park Ministry safeguards human dignity through compassionate service and community development so that people can transform themselves and their world.

Our Vision

A compassionate community of hope built through strong partnerships and transformed lives.

Our Values

We believe in the importance of providing a safe space for everyone. We respect people of all faiths and no faith. Building inclusive welcoming hopes starts here.

Feel free to connect with us in order to inquire about a specific subject and express your comments and concerns. We will be more than happy to serve your needs.

Who we are

Our Team

Our team is a group of highly devoted individuals committed to rendering the Flemingdon Park community a better place, from new arrivals to seniors, we want to help everyone!

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Reverand Helena Rose-Houldcroft

Helena is the executive director of the Flemigdon Park Ministry, she loves golf!

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Banazir Yousofi

Banazir is our STAR Prorgam Manger, she is devoted to rendering young lives confident!

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Katrini (Kate) Ahamat

Kate is the Project Manager who organizes and makes all our programs great!

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MacIvan Rogers

MacIvan is the Food Access Project Cordinator, he is very organized.

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Chadi Abed Al-Razek

Chadi is the assistant Food Access who loves to work with people!

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Martha Lucia Lozada

Martha is the receptionist for the Ministry; she sees new faces every day.

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